-Ginnie Mae Issuer and Document Custodian Compliance

In 2017, our proprietary expert system, IntelliMime® was selected by Price Waterhouse Coopers Federal Practice to facilitate the execution of compliance reviews of Ginnie Mae Issuers, who collectively hold nearly $2 trillion in outstanding issuance, and Document Custodians.

Concentrance developed the IntelliMime® software as an expert system that emulates best-in-class industry inductive and deductive reasoning for a particular process or task to ensure accuracy and consistency.  Given the IntelliMime® record of accomplishment with other government agencies and commercial clients, PwC sought out Concentrance and the IntelliMime® software to build a winning team for Ginnie Mae.

IntelliMime® guides the systematic compliance review of Issuers and Document Custodians in accordance with Ginnie Mae policy. Additionally, IntelliMime® provides real-time government agency management and awareness through a remote browser view of each compliance module while in process. The IntelliMime® system operates in a paperless environment, hosted in the cloud and featuring a data secure environment consistent with Federal Government requirements.

In addition to the software, the Concentrance team manages on-site Issuer and Document Custodian reviews.

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